Corporate Investigations

`Corporate Services

  • Pre-employment verifications
  • Post -employment Screening
  • Assets Verifications
  • Due diligence, credit worthiness &
  • Competitive intelligence Patents, trademark & copy right infringement
  • Frauds, cheating & Embezzlement
  • Under-cover operations
  • Industrial espionage
  • Covert operations
  • Risk Analysis
  • Bank frauds

Pre-employment verifications

Corporate companies in order to prevent unscrupulous or undesired person into the organization should screen their employees before recruitments as to save the interests of the company. The management can also know if any competitor is trying to infiltrate any of their trusted employees to collect vital information relating to quotation, strength and strategy of the organization.  The employees’ social previous job record, financial status will be screened to an extent which may prove detrimental to the interest of the organization

Post- Employment Screening

The management periodically hires us to screen their employees when they decide to deploy him in a sensitive or special division to check his status, whether he is living beyond his means, whether any sources of additional income, off duty activities or if he has cultivated new habits or associations. 

Assets and Property

Cases such as to ascertain to check the ownership or to simple verify its authenticy of the documents. Related documents will be extracted in order to verify the ownership, hidden properties, investments, corporate assets.

Handwriting and Document investigations 

Expert opinion will be formed on foreign law identify the genuineness of an individual’s signature, handwriting or finger print impressions by adopting various scientific methods to support by demonstrative methods in the court of law.

Evidence such as photographic charts will be given when summoned by the court to prove the identity or non-identity

  • Genuine writings
  • Forged writings
  • Disguised writings
  • Anonymous letters

Trademarks and Patents

There is always a greater risk of popular brands running a risk of being infringed by peddlers’ of spurious goods. The products are copied with regard to labels, containers and flavor of the product. They either bribe the sales agents of the company stockists’ or retailers to palm off sub-standard goods bearing the same trademark as of the original. As a result sale of genuine products detoriate causing the company run in huge loss, thus result in tarnishing the image of the company as the consumer gets the worst quality. Thus our investigation cover the following aspects keeping in mind.

  • Watch the suspected retailers
  • Observe the vehicle carrying spurious products
  • Locate the spurious stock holder
  • Inform the cops to make raid
  • Seize the spurious products/producer/production units cordon and seal such units.


Undercover operations

Our Agency offers to study & detect to plug loopholes in existing big commercial and industrial establishments, business houses in general do not have top management officials to monitor the functioning of units. Strict watch is kept in areas of quality, production and staffs daily activities.

Trained undercover operatives are deployed in vantage points to check pilferage, labor unrest, sabotage of materials, also they try to infiltrate into the trade union to collect vital information about the sincerity, loyalty and integrity of every individual workers in the department to segregate from the honest.

Undercover operatives can be deployed as

  • Store keeper
  • Sales executives
  • Machinists
  • Security personnel
  • Casual laborer
  • Tailors
  • Checkers
  • Supervisors
  • Office assistants…….

 Risk Analysis and market survey

In a corporate Organization, our client approached us in order to find the competitive rates of his competitors. Our investigators collected information from various competitors by befriending some of the office staffs and collected vital information.