Cyber Crime Analysis



Any computer based fraud or abuse such as obscene emails, pornographic blogs, hacking, unauthorized access, intellectual property theft, social engineering, data leakage, defamatory, emails, illegal trade / money circulation, mobile phone data recovery etc. requiring tracking, authentication, data retrieval, data recovery etc.

Audio/Speaker/Voice & Video/Image/Photo Identification & Authentication (AV)

Identification of speaker/Voice and authentication of audio recordings from mobile, computer, IVR, Voice recorders in trap, bribery, Fraud, defamatory, infidelity, hoax calls etc.;Identification of faces / images/ photos from pictures, MMS, Video clips and authentication of Video recordings from mobile, computer, CCTV, video recorders, SPY cameras in infidelity, theft, obscene mails, porno images, edited, Morphed pictures etc.; Enhancement of quality of audio and video.

Psychological Evaluation / Polygraph / Lie-Detector (PE)

Psychological screening of suspects for Cheating, fraud, theft, burglary, abuse, harassment, misappropriation, threat or any other white collar crimes, violent crimes, terrorism, infidelity, dishonesty, doubtful integrity, pre-employment screening, post-employment loyalty checks, behavioral profiling.

 Failure / Quality Analysis (FA/QA)

Examination of premature failures of buildings, bridges and other structures and analysis of failures of machines, gadgets, devices to test their quality, operational efficiency, design, adequacies, Manufacturing defects etc.-undertaken in collaboration with IICT, CSIR, Hyderabad

Crime Scene /Incident Reconstruction (CS)

Visit the scene of incidents/ crime relating to loss / destruction to the persons or property in cases of theft, burglary, cheating, misappropriation, sexual assault or other serious crimes to process evidence of fingerprints, fibers, glass, blood etc.; and forensic analysis.

Bio-Chemical and Physics-Chemical Testing (BC/PC)

Examination of physical, chemical and biological substances for characterization / comparison

Medico Legal Consultancy

Evaluation based on study of post mortem reports, medical history, hospital records, diagnostic reports, inquest reports, photos, video, sketches, histo-chemical and histo-pathological reports in all suspected cases of death, rape, murder, sexual assault, bodily injuries and other.