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Our Business philosophy:

Our business philosophy is to delight our customers in every possible way and it’s because of happy customers, we have been able to grow so rapidly!

Our company

Our business is as good as the employees we have! All of our employees have the skill and integrity to handle the most crucial cases with utmost confidence!

Presently private investigation has been put to commercial use for public. Among the private eye and credit reporting service. We are one of the private information Bureau” with a team of professionally trained investigators providing impeccable services to our clients in India and abroad.

Our presence with a global network :

The company’s proprietor having a background in Criminology and forensic Science represent the company as sole proprietor for Probe Detective Agency, Chennai having a network in India and few other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, etc.

You may be aware of the services in Investigation division, but it’s my duty to formally introduce my organization.

Probe has been in business since 1996 and had set up the agency in the year 2000 providing total investigations operatives spread across various cities in the country. Over the years we have honed our skills and enhanced the quality of service. We currently provide the complete range of services from background checks to critical corporate intelligence assignments. Our clientele includes a large number of renowned domestic and foreign corporates and also internationally established investigative companies based in India.