Personal Services

Financial fraud or absconding individuals :

In recent days several individuals, Organization, Finance Companies are cheated or deprived of their money, property by conmen who by showing fake identity take huge amount of money run away without any trace. Loan defaulters will be tracked and located by our senior investigators specialized in investigating financial fraud.

Anonymous caller  :

It’s usually the habit of unknown persons by telephoning at regular intervals either home, office, business or commercial establishments in the form of threat or indecent talk which makes their lives miserable. Such calls will be traced and the culprit nabbed red handed. Our reports will be accurate, providing impeccable service to all our clients.

Pre-matrimonial Screening :

It has becoming almost imperative for educated sensible parents to protect the interests of their children’s arranged or love affair in marriage as it is one of the joyous occasion and auspicious moments in life to verify the bride/bridegroom when selected from unknown family/disguised lucrative resume in the matrimonial columns. The following areas like social, financial,character, educational qualification, and employment details can be collected through discreet screening as well to check whether any history of drugs, gambling, alcohol and also whether previously married.

Post matrimonial verification :

Married life though are not smooth in many cases, and many instances we come across dissatisfied couples and discord in marital life due to various reasons like suspicion, drug addiction, ill treatment by in laws, greed for dowry, divorce or maintenance related alimony cases, bigamy, These assignment will be discreetly carried by senior investigators keeping in mind secrecy, confidentiality without causing irreparable loss to one’s married life.

Shadowing of individuals :

Surveillance will be carried by trained investigators on an individual suspected of having an illegal affair, leakage of vital trade, document secrets. The employees are shadowed to gather irrefutable evidence on the suspect in order to facilitate termination of the guilty. Mobile, stationary and Foot surveillance is undertaken according to the requirement to collect vital information.